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With Dina Water, the better life Africans have been thirsting for is here.

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Presenting Dina, the remarkable advance in providing all Africans with the world’s most precious substance: clean, pure, accessible and
affordable water.

This isn't merely a glass of clean water. It's a healthier, happier and brighter future for millions of Africans.

At Dina, we improve the lives of one billion Africans, one drop at a time.



For 1 billion thirsty Africans, easy access to clean, safe water is only a distant dream. Dina and you can make it a reality, today.

CAPACITY Dina's reverse osmosis system is capable of producing up to 2,000L of clean water per hour. That makes a potential of 48,000L per day, an unmatched capability on today's market.

TAPS & PLC Each unit is composed of 10 taps, where consumers can fill their recipients.
A touch screen PLC is situated above each tap, where users input the personal codes to fetch water. The PLC also allows to stop the fill in one-tap, and to display a QR code to be scanned by the consumer's smartphone.

Clean Water Dina Water's units provide clean, drinking water. Our units are European-made and comply with NAFDAC & WHO certifications.

NAFDAC certification for Dina Water
WHO certification for Dina Water
Dina Water unit in Nigeria

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Water pumping of Dina Water

Water Pumping

Boreholes pumps transfer water from underground to surface.

Ozonization treatment of Dina Water

Ozonation & Clarification

Raw water is ozonized in a generator then clarified in stainless-steel sand filters.

Impurities removal water treatment Dina Water

Impurities Removal

Water is passed through a carbon filter, then goes through reverse osmosis, removing all contaminants and impurities.

UV Recirculation treatment for Dina Water

UV Recirculation

Water is stored before being recirculated through an UV lamp, whose rays kill all bacteria.

Sensors of Dina Water units

Multiparameter Sensor

Sensors measure standard water parameters. Real-time data and results are accessible on Web and Mobile.

Drinkable water from Dina Water in Africa

Water Distribution

Water is then sent through a pressure pump to the distribution system, accessible through a PLC.

Automated water purificaton unit in Africa


Dina is fully automated, and totally life-changing. Units were designed for minimal maintenance to run daily operations.

Sustainable water purificaton unit in Africa


Africa is drowning in plastic pollution but Dina reduces the need for plastic bottles, sachets and packaging,
while also raising Africa’s
eco-friendly image.

Clean drinkable water purificaton unit in Africa


The impossible dream of clean, safe water is now accessible and is compliant with NAFDAC & WHO certifications.

Digital payment for water in Africa


Dina is cashless, and effortless. Consumers can purchase water through USSD, Mobile Apps and Mobile Money. 


Man using Dina Water app for water purification in Africa


Steps to buy Dina Water using the mobile apps in Africa

User buys water on the apps.

User receives 9-digit code by SMS.

User inputs code on PLC and fetch water.

Available apps to buy Dina Water in Africa


Available apps to buy Dina Water in Africa
Mobile money payments to buy Dina Water in Africa

Tapping into pure, affordable water now takes just a few taps on a screen. The apps that Africans have been thirsting for is finally here.


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